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The Most Complete House Cleaning Service In Town.

We Are Experienced And Reliable. We Specialize In
 Detailed, Thorough Cleaning For Your Home Or Business.

House Cleaning Portland is not an agency, so you can be assured that we will be doing your cleaning, not someone whom you don't know. You can trust us. Our knowledgeable cleaning service is the friendliest and most reliable that you will find in Portland.  We will make your home sparkle. With House Cleaning Portland, you will experience the best personalized and dependable service in Portland.

We are your professional cleaning partner; tell us what you like. We will do exactly what you want. We build a personal relationship with our clients from the first call.

We provide the equipment and eco-friendly supplies as well as using your favorite products. We are pet friendly. We use cleaning supplies that are environmentally safe. We use the right equipment for each specific job including Hepa filters.  If you are an allergy sufferer, or sensitive to your environment, we will eliminate areas of dust and animal dander. We can also clean the blinds or the furniture, remove dust from walls and low ceilings.
We are proud of our work and enjoy what we do. House Cleaning Portland has clients in and around the Portland metro area.

We  know the stress of holidays, parties and relatives visiting. Start spending your weekends doing what you enjoy. Make your life easier, leave the cleaning to us!

Call us to schedule a complimentary walk-through of your house!  

House Cleaning Portland

Home and Office Cleaning

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning,
Condos, New Housing & Office Setups

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly or As Needed

Eco Safe Cleaning Products Used

Reliable & Thorough Cleaning

Professional Attention To Detail

15 Years Experience

References Available Upon Request

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

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House Cleaning Portland

Professional & Trustworthy
When Looking for a residential, business or office cleaning service in Portland, Oregon, you want to find someone who is professional, trustworthy, reliable, and dependable. At House Cleaning Portland, we have 15 years of experience making people's houses their homes.

Call Us On The Phone
How to choose the right house cleaning service? We are not a cleaning agency. Cleaning agencies hire out cleaning work to other people. Their training and quality of work is often marginal. They don't work for you, they work for the agency. Cleaners at agencies have high turnover rates, and low client satisfaction. One day you get one person, the next, someone else. We are a two person cleaning business. At House Cleaning Portland, we are the ones who will do your specialized cleaning. Call us on the phone. 

Eco Friendly, Natural, Non-Toxic
We are very pet friendly. Your kids and animals will be safe as we use the most eco friendly and natural non toxic supplies available. We make sure your home environment is clean and safe.

Special Requests
House Cleaning Portland also does commercial cleaning, move-outs move-ins, and new housing & office setups. Ask us about our professional organizing. We can help you get control of your home and all it's things. We organize desk areas and make playrooms fun again. We can clean out refrigerators, tackle your garage or basement-attic. We can do laundry folding and bed making at no extra charge.

We Make Your Home Beautiful...
Here are some of the cleaning chores we perform to make sure you enjoy your newly cleaned home: All carpeted areas are vacuumed. Floors are vacuumed, mopped and throw rugs shaken. We dust and clean all surfaces, mirrors, artwork, table tops, lamps.We clean walls, door jams, scuff marks on moldings, door handles and all switch plates. We clean all kitchen appliances. We disinfect tubs, toilet, and sinks. A cleaner house is a house that you will enjoy.
House Cleaning Portland
House Cleaning Portland House Cleaning Portland House Cleaning Portland

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